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Explanatory pictures for your office design.

With a big picture, walls not only look impressive, they also convey your company messages.

Do you have a topic that is complex to explain? Our Big Pictures allow you to easily create an overview of your topic that no one will forget in a hurry. Big Pictures and explanatory images can be used in various different ways, e.g. in a face to face meeting or with our roll-out modules on the web. By using visualisation, content is conveyed more easily and is more memorable. This means that you can get your messages across more quickly and they make a long-lasting impression.

By showing the people who implement, apply and live out the measures in the company, the content becomes more tangible, emotional and motivating than media in which text plays the main role or photos, which only convey images but no content.

The scenes help people to identify with the content. The bird's-eye view also helps to get a better overall idea and promotes an understanding of the bigger picture.

You simply choose the most appropriate one from our pre-designed templates and we curate the appropriate scenes for your topic. You can look forward to having the perfect composition, since we are able to draw on almost 20 years of experience in the creation of explanatory images and have access to our own pool of over 20,000 images. Of course, we also adapt colours, logos and texts in such a way that you get your very own Big Picture, matching your company and your content.

In addition to the digital explanatory image, we can also create various roll-out modules to support its use, thus enabling you to create a comprehensive communication campaign.

Especially in the current times, you can use the power of pictures for your digital communication channels. And when you’ve got face-to-face meetings, large-format versions can also make a big impact in workshops or as part of the room design.

There the picture can hung or be applied directly, special formats suitable for your environment are also possible.

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