Compador Dienstleistungs GmbH

Symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics


Berlin, Germany
Compador Dienstleistungs GmbH
645 m²
Fokus & Konzentration
Raumhaus GmbH (Consulting & Planning/Interior Design/Retail/Workplace Design)

Compador, a shipping service provider from Berlin, has taken an important step towards modern workplace design with its move to a new location. The office was converted to activity-based working, creating an environment that offers the team new zones for communication and exchange, but also promotes traditional office work. Particular attention was paid to the furnishings with high-quality designer furniture from Vitra and an intelligent lighting concept that optimally supports work in the office.

Shared vision: focus on innovative workplace design

Together with our partners Vitra and Lightnet, we have created a working environment that is not only contemporary but also inspiring. Individual and group workstations offer every ergonomic comfort. The conference room with floor-to-ceiling windows creates space for teams to meet on site and digitally. In intermediate zones, for example, comfortable Alcove sofas allow people in the team to talk, answer emails or take a coffee break.

We worked hand in hand with Vitra from planning to assembly. High-quality Vitra furniture characterizes the entire office and offers employees not only comfort but also an aesthetic working environment.

The lighting design, implemented in collaboration with Lightnet, ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. The well thought-out lighting concept promotes well-being and increases the team’s productivity. The managers at Compador also attached great importance to preserving the existing desks and chairs from the old office for the new working environment. That’s why our assembly team moved everything with them. In our space planning for the new location, we took the old stock into account from the outset.

Thanks to the partnership with Vitra and Lightnet, the result is not only a functional but also an aesthetic working environment that increases employee satisfaction and productivity.