Econocom, Milan


Milan, Italy
Year of completion:

A Campus with Five Multifunctional Areas.

With the design of innovation hub “Econocom Village", Il Prisma redefines the relationship
between physical reality and digital world. Inside the campus “La Forgiatura”, Il Prisma designed the architecture of the inner spaces of five buildings by interpreting employees and guests needs. The offices are just one of the many places where to work, in fact, more convergent spaces allow to activate different ways of working and improve productivity.

The physical space enables digital experiences and makes interactions between people and their surroundings possible.
For this reason, the new Econocom Village has been conceived as an interactive website which allows employees and guests to experience the place physically, almost like clicking through an actual website.

The need to realize multifunctional areas are meant to create connections, integrate more services to different conventional and unconventional tasks. Those tasks can go from working out in the Gym over recharging in the Lounge Room to learning in the Tech Lab.
In the process of building Econocom Village, the participation of final users during the design process and the interpretation of Econocom’s spirit have been the two factors that contributed most to create the experience of engagement.
Thanks to the design and the architecture it is possible to increase a sense of belonging and the people’s motivation.

The experience starts inside “La Serra”, a building architecturally designed as a green house, which gave it its Italian name. The installed LED system guides people across a dimensional tunnel to where they want to go and additionally generates a wanted scenario. These elements combine as the access to the Econocom Village. Inside the complex color-schemed room-boxes contain specialized operations. Each color defines a specific designated use. Blue spaces instill quiet and concentration. Magenta those that instill creativity. Yellow those that trigger positivity and joy. While the red ones serve conviviality. Lines on the walls weave the different parts of the Econocom Village, like a hidden fiber network, and indicate functions as well as guide the discovery of spaces. The lines become icons to identify the activities of each area.

Stepping into the heart of the Econocom Village the spaces modify. To anticipate just a few of them, there is a Lounge Music Club designed to welcome music events and a Disaster Recovery Area for those clients who may have digital system problems. Also, a Restaurant with a panoramic view and a Test Room useful to set a web radio. Then, not only offices, but a place for networking and a landmark for the city of Milan and for all the companies interested in progress and innovation issues. Inside the campus “La Forgiatura”, the Econocom Village is made up of five buildings:

La Serra: Welcome areas for employees and guests that symbolized the bridge between society
and technology
La Forgia: The operation area reserved to employees
La Tecnica: The area dedicated to the guests, social spaces, and co-working
Raimondi: Panoramic Restaurant and the Gym, located in the sevens floor.
La Botte: The theatre of the campus dedicated to internal and external events.