IGZ Campus Falkenberg / J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten

Open space and high-quality office design combined


IGZ Campus Falkenberg
4,100 m²
Fokus & Konzentration
Health & Wellbeing
Hybrid Work
Raumhaus GmbH (Consulting & Planning/Interior Design/Retail/Workplace Design)

A working environment that expresses the high-precision performance of a company and at the same time promotes teamwork: In Falkenberg in the northern Upper Palatinate, IGZ, Ingenieurgesellschaft für logistische Informationssysteme mbH, has opted for just that.

It all began in 1999 with the software barn

When it was founded in 1999, the company took off in a revitalised agricultural barn. The company has grown with its projects over the years – and the software barn of IGZ SAP-Ingenieure has also been expanded step by step with new buildings for the team.
The requirements for the new construction of the fourth company building were manifold: the spatial concept had to allow for flexible, yet concentrated work, create a welcome area for guests to linger and provide areas for canteens and cafeterias that the team can use for breaks and collaboration.

Fourth extension focusses on open space and high-quality office design

In close collaboration with the Berlin-based architecture firm J. MAYER H. and its partner Steelcase, office furnishers Raumhaus developed and implemented a furnishing concept that reflects the team’s desire for flexible workspaces. When designing the new working environment, it was important to consider corporate identity, corporate culture, lighting and building architecture in equal measure. A total of 287 workspaces have been created for the 250 employees over an area of around 4,100 square metres. Around 2,100 square metres are intended for concentrated work, around 1,450 square metres for communication, followed by around 460 square metres for regeneration.
Agile work furniture from the Steelcase Flex Collection finds its place in the working environment, which is reminiscent of a loft with wood and concrete. The layout of the furniture is tailored to the needs of the individual departments. Intermediate zones with semi-open seating areas and closed cubes offer everyone space to communicate with each other. The open room structure with lounge and kitchen allows the team and guests to meet at various meeting points. In the entrance hall, for example, there is a barista bar. Lunch breaks can be enjoyed on the terrace. The office space also features flexible storage solutions and distributed printer niches for short distances. In addition to the Steelcase furniture, the working environment also features office solutions from Brunner, Viccarbe and Vitra.

“In a joint process with the architectural firm J. MAYER H., the Raumhaus team supported us in furnishing the office space. In joint workshops, we worked out the requirements for the working environment and the furnishing concept. The implementation went smoothly. Our team is delighted with the new way of working together.” Kopf, Christian; IGZ – Ingenieurgesellschaft für logistische Informationssysteme mbH