Vital Proteins HQ, Chicago


Chicago, USA
Vital Proteins
Health & Social
2,415 m²

A modern, California inspired “lifestyle office”

Vital Proteins (VP), a collagen-based wellness company, selected SCB to design their new headquarters in Chicago’s vibrant Fulton Market District. As an adaptive reuse of an existing meat packing facility, the design for the Vital Proteins’ headquarters capitalizes on the physical qualities of the unique original structure to embody the Vital Proteins brand. The exposed brick and concrete of the original loft building are complemented by natural design elements.

Whitewashed wood, verdant living walls, vibrant visuals, and geometric elements made from authentic, sustainable materials, create the laid-back, coastal ambiance. The resulting design is a modern, California-inspired “lifestyle office” that facilitates an emotional connection to the company’s brand pillars: health and wellness, fitness, and natural beauty.

The workplace promotes communication and teamwork and is connected by a “boardwalk” that serves as the main circulation path through the space. A central two-story atrium features a cafe and a large social stair used for all-staff meetings, gatherings and presentations by influencers, brand partners, and clients.

Abundant natural light combined with live plants throughout the office help bring the outdoors, in, elevating the overall mood of employees, especially through the long Chicago winters. The prominence and central location of the connecting social stair promotes community building and collaboration, as well as movement, encouraging employees to use it as the primary means of circulation in lieu of the elevator. Several wellness rooms are provided to ensure employees have comfortable, private spaces available for their use throughout the day.