Your Home-Office, Your Style

Stylish furniture and inspiration for more style and personality in your home office

Style and design are a question of attitude. They may not be inextricably linked to each other, but they do reflect important parts of our personality and creativity. Those who really value both should also stick to their principles when it comes to furniture in their home office. Why should you make compromises, especially on something as important as this? If it’s compromises you want, why not loosen up your office etiquette a little and go into your next video call casually dressed. Now that would be a statement.

Since the epidemic, many experts and celebrities have been giving more and more interviews from home, and we often catch our gaze unconsciously wandering to their office furnishings. Working from home gives us the opportunity and freedom to give our workplace a consistently personal and individual touch. At home you are both the boss and senior interior designer, so why not design your home office stylishly and efficiently?!

Draw clear boundaries

Whether you remain true to your home furnishing style or want something completely new: make sure you choose a separate room/space for your home office. If you simply make yourself comfortable on the couch with your laptop, you will soon find yourself sitting in the corner of your sofa engulfed by a flood of documents and notes. And bang goes your work-life balance. It's better to look for a quiet place where you are safe from cats and children and can concentrate properly.

The desk: the cornerstone of every home office

A desk is the anchor and focal point of your work, so make sure that it’s at the right height and allows enough space for you and all your work equipment. Below, we have put together a collection of designer desks. They are slim, elegant and harmonise well with most interior designs, just like the Home Desk, a classic by Vitra designer George Nelson.


Norr11 - JFK desk

The JFK desk is a new version of the classic 60s office desk, hence the name: John F. Kennedy. He often used these classic Danish office desks in the 1960s.

Smartphones and laptops can be easily powered from a small space in the tabletop.

The conical legs with matt black powder coating converge in the middle under the tabletop, giving the table a very light and elegant touch.

Umage - Ambitions desk

This compact yet stylish desk keeps the workplace free from clutter. It contains hidden drawers and compartments to store cables, papers and other items.

At just one meter wide, the Ambitions desk fits comfortably into smaller living spaces. The combination of wood and powder-coated steel with rounded edges and details makes this desk a real eye-catcher.

Hartô - Honoré desk

Honoré is a simple desk that cleverly combines an oak look with elements of colour.

The front part of the worktop is movable and the fixed part at the rear is painted in colour. Cables, chargers and stationery are deliberately concealed in order to accentuate the interplay of oak and colour and to enhance the overall appearance of the piece.

Vitra - Compas Direction table

In conjunction with the fashion label G-Star, Vitra relaunched a furniture collection by the French designer and architect Jean Prouvé in 2011. The contemporary interpretation of Prouvé's furniture classics was so well received that Vitra has included some of the pieces in its permanent collection - including this Compas Direction table.

The new edition of the Compas Direction is made of powder-coated steel and a solid panel of oiled oak. The natural material provides a fascinating contrast to the basalt-coloured base, giving the desk a striking yet understated elegance.

ClassiCon - Pegasus Home desk, deep black powder-coated

The Pegasus Home desk is a slim and well-thought-out desk.

The highlight: the surface of the secretary desk is made of strong natural leather and can be rolled up or turned down as required to reveal compartments underneath and provide access to an intelligently designed interior compartment. There’s plenty of room here to store laptops, tablet PCs, mobile phones, paper, charging stations, power supplies or other accessories. This modern table with classic appeal was designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group.

Zanotta - Calamo desk

The Calamo is a particularly exclusive and elegant desk. Its shape has been kept deliberately minimal and simple so as not to distract from what is actually its standout feature: the surface made of dark natural leather. Natural leather is a thick (min. 2.5 mm), vegetable tanned and only moderately greased cowhide leather, which preserves its natural, archaic charisma through the thickness of the material and the treatment techniques used.

Working at the Zanotta Calamo desk is an all-round more pleasant and comfortable experience than on conventional tabletops due to the warm, very soft leather. The storage compartment with a tilt opening is also made of leather.

Slim secretary desks and wall desks to make the most of the smallest of spaces

If you have limited space, you should get yourself a secretary desk or wall desk. Thanks to their well-thought-out design, they take up very little space. In return, they offer many useful extras, as well as plenty of storage and work space without compromising on design.

Just like the very compact and practical Victor desk, for example. The metal frame and base are colour-coordinated and make this designer desk a real eye-catcher.

Northern - Shelter secretary desk, black

The Shelter secretary desk cuts a fine figure, especially in apartments where space is at a premium. It takes up very little space, but its tabletop still offers enough room to take care of everyday office matters.

The design is refreshingly minimalist and is characterised by a delicate steel frame on which a semicircular tabletop made of smoked oak veneer is enthroned. The top is bordered by a perforated panel, which is intended to shield the person working there a little from outside influences. This back panel is also ideal for attaching notes or pinning magnets to, or hanging headphones on.

Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Duotable desk

The Duotable desk is a hybrid table that can be transformed from a small dining table into a practical home office in the blink of an eye, thus demonstrating the value of spatial thinking. The result is a functional solution in the smallest of spaces.

Folding down one half of the tabletop not only creates more space, but also provides an ergonomic storage space for tablet PCs, books or printouts to boot. At the same time it also opens up a storage space for office equipment and other things you need for everyday working life.

Thonet combination

The S 1200 by Randolf Schott for Thonet was designed especially for use in the home and inspires with its subtle and versatile design.

The secretary desk is available in a chrome-plated tubular steel frame or in subtly lacquered colours. The integrated footrest ensures comfort even when sitting for long periods.  The tabletop is available in various solid wood versions.

You can find out more about the S 1200 secretary desk here, and more about the S 32 cantilever chair shown in the picture, here.

Moooi - Woood secretary desk

The secretary desk is made of 3D pressed ultra-thin oak veneer, which gives the impression that the table is carved from one piece. Thanks to 3D technology, Moooi and Marcel Wanders have succeeded in giving an extra thin tabletop upwardly curving sides. The secretary desk also has a hole with a 50mm diameter, through which cables can be elegantly routed.

An innovative desk that makes for a versatile designer piece in the study.

ClassiCon - Zelos secretary desk

"A good idea needs little space - just a piece of paper or a laptop."

The design of the secretary desk is tailored to the needs of the laptop generation. Similar to working on your laptop, working at a Zelos desk starts with opening it and ends with closing it. The basic working surface has a width of 60cm and can be extended to a generous 120cm by folding out both leaves, meaning there is ample room to let your thoughts flow freely.

Nichba Design - Desk01

The "Desk01" is a simple and minimalist wall-mounted desk that blends particularly well into modern offices and studies. At the same time, its wall-mounting makes it particularly space-saving and unobtrusive.

An additional advantage: thanks to the versatile mounting options, this wall-mounted desk can be mounted at different heights.

The floating desk is made of powder-coated aluminium. There is also space on bothsides for a rack to store newspapers, books and magazines.

Müller Möbelfabrikation - PS03 wall-mounted secretary desk

PS03 is a compact and space-saving wall-mounted secretary desk, which inspires with its minimalistic design and blend of wood and metal. It is available in a range of different colours and designs.

The desk, which appears to float in mid-air, can be flexibly mounted on the wall at any height, meaning it is well-suited to various  different areas of the home as a space-saving workstation.

Seat or statement

From funky stools to imposing executive chairs, the wide range of products, types and designs makes the decision far from easy. That's why our tip when buying a chair is to put ergonomics before aesthetics. After all, health and comfort are more important than a sleek appearance.

For those who want to have both, we recommend a selection of designer office chairs, such as the Aluminium Chair, a Vitra classic by Charles and Ray Eames.


Vitra - Physix office swivel chair

Physix’s delicate frame construction makes the chair stable and flexible. The organic side rails morph like a flexible hinge and follow the movements of the body when leaning back.

"Design is an interplay of fixed and flexible elements. The form only reveals itself in the design process.” Alberto Meda

Physix's frame and extremely elastic fabric follow the user's movements in all directions, even diagonally - for example when the user leans back to look over his shoulder.

Vitra - Rookie office chair

Rookie is characterised by its agile and unconventionally simple design. Small and compact in design, it provides individual comfort with as few settings as possible, thus making it the perfect fit for home offices. The Rookie office chair by Vitra was designed by Konstantin Grcic in 2018.

The office chair is rotatable and height-adjustable. The five-star base with double castors in basic dark is made of polyamide in soft grey or deep black. The castors are available in carpet or hard floor versions.

Thonet – S 64 VDR swivel chair

The S 64 chair by Thonet is probably one of the most famous cantilever chairs of the 20th century. Thonet has now launched this classic design as a swivel chair, thus adapting perfectly to today's working world. These days, mobility and flexibility are the main focus of attention and describe a modern lifestyle and working style which is also in perfect coordination with home interiors.

The wooden parts of the chair are made of stained beech, while the seat and backrest are made of wicker. They are also available upholstered and with leather or fabric covers on request.

Vitra - Soft Pad Chair EA 217

The Soft Pad office chair by Vitra was designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1969. It is similar in its construction and shape to the Aluminium Chair. The sewn-on upholstery creates an interesting contrast to the slender aluminium profile. This makes the Soft Pad chair softer and more luxurious without losing transparency and clarity.

The tilting mechanism can be adjusted to the user's weight and, in combination with the soft cushion, offers a high level of comfort.

Vitra - Aluminium Group EA 119 office chair

The Aluminium Chair by the designer couple Charles & Ray Eames is one of the most important furniture designs of the 20th century.

For five decades now, the iconographic design of the Aluminium Chair has been lending its modern elegance to rooms around the world.

Vitra - Aluminium Group EA 108 aluminium chair

An important feature of the aluminium chair is the intelligent combination of materials. Its shape is clear and transparent, the construction clearly visible. The aluminium profiles give the chair stability and lightness at the same time. The material is fixed into the side sections, yet fitted loosely, so that it adapts to the contours of the body and provides comfort without needing elaborate upholstery.

Muuto - Fiber office armchair swivel-base

The fiber swivel-base office armchair by Muuto with castors and adjustable seat height gives every workplace a modern, functional touch. The modern office chair has a timeless quality and its upholstered seat shell provides a high level of comfort.

In addition to the office chair, the Fiber range also includes chairs with and without armrests, lounge chairs and stools in various heights.

Vitra - MedaPal office swivel chair
MedaPal focuses on the essentials. The office chair has a light appearance and combines intelligent technology with great comfort, is simple and user-friendly in design and can be easily adjusted to individual needs. The one-piece backrest not only provides good lower back support, but also flexibility in the shoulder region. The seat and armrest support are made of polyamide, making MedaPal light, comfortable, yet sturdy.
Artek - Rival chair KG 001 (low)

What looks like an ordinary wooden chair at first glance, can easily compete with a desk chair when it comes to functionality and comfort. Hidden in the shell under the upholstered seat is an intelligent "node", a mechanism that gives the Rival its rotating function. In addition to comfort and flexibility, this subtle technical touch also gives an indication of the chair's intuitive use. Created by designer Konstantin Grcic.

Engelbrechts - Kevi 2002 swivel stool
Kevi represents a timeless idea: the better you sit, the more you get done. The swivel stool is a simple and harmonious balance of aesthetics and ergonomics. The functional construction also defines the stool’s shape. The Kevi 2002 swivel stool is also available in other colours and versions. For example, it can be ordered in particular heights, with adjustable footrest, with hard or soft castors or runners. Other models from the Kevi range are also available on request.
In the best light

Light is a key factor in the quality of work, performance, health and well-being. The right lighting is also crucial in the home office. These desk lamps are easy on the eyes, are available in various designs and will make your colleagues go green with envy during video conferences.

Just like the British lamp icon Anglepoise.

Muuto - Tip table lamp

The dimmable Tip table lamp, made of cast and extruded aluminum, has adjustable head and arm elements that provide both direct and indirect light. The light can also be continuously adjusted by means of the diffuser and dimmer functions.

Available in different colours, the LED light can be combined in many different ways.

Muuto - Leaf LED table lamp
A design as nature intended: the Leaf table lamp by Muuto looks like a leaf growing upwards out of its stand. The eco-friendly design is perfectly complemented by energy-saving OLED technology. Thanks to the practical dimming function, the light from the table lamp can be regulated as necessary.
Anglepoise - 90 Mini Mini LED table lamp with USB connection

Anglepoise's 90 Mini Mini LED table lamp is a reinterpretation of the popular 70s model 90. In the new edition, the Mini Mini lamp has all the versatility and personality of a classic Anglepoise lamp, while being very compact and flexible in design.

Despite its diminutive size, concealed within the lamp is cutting-edge technology. The durable, dimmable, energy-saving LED module integrated into the lampshade provides focused light for up to 20,000 hours. The lamp is powered via USB, which improves portability and makes it very versatile. This means that 90 Mini Mini can be connected to a power outlet, power bank or laptop.

Louis Poulsen - AJ table lamp

Louis Poulsen’s AJ table lamps pay homage to the designer Arne Jacobsen and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the AJ lamp series. The collection includes both classic and contemporary colours, which have been carefully selected to match Arne Jacobsen's existing range of colours. They are available in dark green, ochre, rust red, midnight blue, aubergine and two shades of grey.

The Arne Jacobsen table lamp stands out due to its unusual swivel shade, whose asymmetrical shape distributes the light accordingly. The base of the lamp with its characteristic opening further contributes to the elegance and weightlessness of the design. It has thus long since become one of the modern classics of 20th century design.

Menu - Reade table lamp, black

As an artistic designer piece in retro style, the Reade table lamp brings a strong sense of character to your home. Positioned between glamour and industrial chic, the table lamp has an expressive personality all of its own.

Menu produces the Reade lamp in a choice of either solid brass or powder-coated steel. You can also choose the type of bulb yourself, allowing you to give it its very own individual character.

Ledvance - Vintage 1906 Pipe table lamp, matt black

The understated and minimalist Pipe table lamp impresses with its simple tube-shaped frame with a downward facing E27 socket.

To get that perfect retro look, the table lamp can be combined with energy-saving LED lamps from the 1906 Vintage Edition. This means that you can recreate the table lamp’s look over and over again simply by inserting the E27 bulb.

Artemide - Tolomeo Micro table lamp

Tolomeo Micro is the smallest and most colorful member of Artemide's classic Tolomeo lamp family, which can be found today on the desks of countless architectural offices and agencies.

The head is made of matt-anodised aluminum, while the joints and brackets are made of polished aluminum with a spring balance system. The small Tolomeo Micro table lamp by Artemide is available in a wide range of colours. In addition to the stand, the manufacturer also provides a screw fastening and a table clamp to mount the lamp.

Louis Poulsen - NJP table lamp

NJP is a reinterpretation of the classic architectural lamp by Louis Poulsen. Intuitive operation allows the NJP lamp to be switched on and off with a simple tap of the lampshade. Adapted to desk or PC work, the light intensity of the NJP can be regulated on two different levels. The direct, glare-free, horizontal light is the best option to facilitate working without tiring.

Vitra - Lampe de Bureau table lamp

The Lampe de Bureau table lamp by Vitra was designed by Jean Prouvé as early as 1930. It is made of curved metal and has a textile cable. Available in various colours, the lamp fits perfectly into any environment and provides glare-free light for reading and working.

Muuto - Beam LED table lamp with dual light sources

Beam LED is a cylindrical table lamp, which emits light from both sides. The base can be turned so that the beam shines in the desired direction. Thanks to a regulator on the base, the light intensity can also be adjusted in three steps – depending on whether you want a cosy or bright atmosphere in the room. The Beam LED table lamp is available in a variety of metallic colours.

Decoration and accessories

Once the main cornerstones (tables, chairs and lights) have been selected and set up, these extras add the finishing touch to any home office, be they plants, partitions or small decorative items. It is the little things that help to uniquely round off the big picture.

In the next article we will put together some thought-provoking office equipment ideas for you.

In the picture opposite from Hay (click for more details) you can see: Marselis LED table lamp, Pinorama Board, Tool Box and the Time Hourglass.

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