Create flexible environments for collaboration and creativity

Movable.Space provides Pop-Up Whiteboards, Tables and Co. for multifunctional work environments

Any space, out-door or indoor can be converted into a creative collaborative workspace by just a few simple steps. Your organization will be transformed into a multifunctional environment by a simple installation of a sustainable pop-up whiteboard, tablet and tools that is offered by Movable.Space. A flexible workspace enables employees to freely collaborate, promotes better communication and develops creativity.

Pop-Up Kit

The Pop-up Kit offered to you by Movable.Space can provide the perfect creative collaboration space in any given area without any complicated tools or technical support. Pop-up kit provides a comprehensive package that provides our clients the following equipment: five pop-up whiteboards, a flipchart holder, a universal wool shelves and enough creative material to start right away. All of it can be easily stored away in the portable trolley provided as storage requires minimum space and the trolley feature provides easy transportation between rooms, floor levels and within an office or campus. Your convenience is our utmost priority hence it is cratered to cater your needs.

Pop-Up Whiteboard

The pop-up whiteboards promote creative, communication and new working methods. In doing so, they ensure a common understanding, clear communication and creative collaboration. The double-sided writable work surface offers plenty of space for sketches, post-its, ideas and shared knowledge. At the same time it is just as mobile and flexible as the group itself. Use mobile whiteboards, which as a working tool do not compromise on design, mobility and stability. They are also sustainably designed and manufactured in German craftsmanship.


Mini-Whiteboards requires no charging, logging in and dose not encounter any data security problems. The Mini-Whiteboard offers a double-sided visualization space which is ultra-thin and user friendly to everyone. In contrast to digital solutions, whiteboards are generally known as a common tool and can be used by anyone instantly. Use it for quick notes in your home office, in a dialogue with customers or at workshops.

It is also our pleasure to provide you with customized branding upon request.

Create Pop-Up Space in just a few minutes

A table that converts to a workspace
A table is an essential when it comes to a work environment. The focal point of the Pop-up Table is that it offers a central base for the collaboration space. As any other tool from the Pop-Up Series, you can set up the table with just a few simple steps. Create your creative workplace anywhere: in the hallway, in an open space or even outside during sunny weather. To ensure high comfort, your working position can be changed quickly from standing to sitting by easily adjusting the height.

Impression from our Movable.Space Innovation Space Oldenburg