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Hamburg currently boasts 104 separate districts. But none have been the focus of as much recent attention as HafenCity, the city’s newest quarter. Established in 2008 and spanning 157 hectares, HafenCity boasts a unique maritime flair that has attracted not only 2300 residents but has proved a magnet for businesses from around the world.

Its attractions include amazing views of the Elbe river and the world-famous Elbphilharmonie concert hall as well as an inspiring and renowned architectural environment. The HafenCity area is studded with old red brick warehouses as well as 21st century office buildings featuring glass and steel designs that cater for all modern business needs.

This thriving business area is the backdrop to the CS Business Center that offers a range of conference rooms and office spaces with outstanding facilities that can be rented by the day, year or anything in between.

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