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Interaction are workplace design and build experts based in Bath. We create workplaces that positively enhance culture, values, employee wellbeing and profitability. Undertaking projects at various scales, we tailor our service to suit each client and are motivated by a snag free culture, which differentiates us from any other design and build firm.

With over 26 years’ experience in the field, we know what it takes to design and build workspaces fit for the modern workforce. This includes facilitating flexibility, technological integration, staff retention, and generally more efficient and smarter working environments. We have achieved these business benefits time and time again for thrilled clients across a range of sectors, including Financial Services, Technology, The Public Sector and Housing Associations.

We place people at the centre of workplace design by nurturing successful relationships at every stage of the project and through creating spaces that are built for the specific people that use them. By making the workplace somewhere that people want to be, our work directly enhances employee morale, engagement and commitment. In turn, not only does this reduce absenteeism, but also positively effects performance, productivity and service delivery – key factors that lie at the heart of any successful business.

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James Bradley
Business Development Manager