“Freedom makes us happy and productive”

We talked to psychologist and industrial designer Stephanie Wackernagel, project director at Fraunhofer IAO about two of the institute’s most interesting recent studies: “Effective Office and Work Worlds” and “Office Analytics”. We also discussed the effect work environments have on personal wellbeing and staff performance.

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Hamburg’s best co-working and workshop spaces

It’s an idea whose time has come. Co-working is a rising trend, not only in Hamburg, but across Germany.
The various expressions of the co-working concept – be it workshop spaces, business centers or the countless hybrid models that integrate private work areas with open communicative zones – have become an established part of daily working life in this Hanseatic city.

Company Culture off the Rack?

Once hyped for their flexibility, community work spaces are now sought after for their hip culture and creative buzz. But is a good business culture something that companies can outsource to an office provider?

Servants of Light

“Exemplary office lighting integrates with the needs of its users so organically that they don’t need to think about it,” says Tobias Grau. For decades Tobias Grau has been one of the most illustrious names in innovative and aesthetically sophisticated lighting. We spoke with husband and wife team Tobias and Franziska Grau who together run their company from its offices in Rellingen, near Hamburg.

The Workplace of Tomorrow: What it needs (and what it doesn’t)

Here’s the bottom line: At Office Inspiration we’ve nothing against gleaming coffee machines, colorful walls, chic toilets and relaxing lounge areas. Feel free to embellish your office, like the topping of a cake. But were you to ask your employees what they would change, most would put their priorities elsewhere.

Why the elemental workplace is not (only) about beautiful design

Beauty can be hazardous. In 1817, the French writer Stendhal experienced the symptoms of what we now know as the psychosomatic condition hyperkulturemia on a visit to the Italian city of Florence – as he later wrote “life was drained from me. I walked with the fear of falling”.

The highlights of ORGATEC – industry talking points

ORGATEC Trend Forum 23.-27. 2018 addresses the opportunities and challenges in tomorrow’s worlds of work

A Round-the-World Summer Tour of Earth’s Best-Designed Offices

Nothing says more about how much a company values its employees than how its offices are designed. Our whirlwind global tour takes you to twelve stunning offices, including visits to Tel Aviv, Milan, Bangkok, Sydney, Paris, L.A. and Wrocław.

This is where I can be me. This is where I want to work.

New worlds of work at the Zukunft Personal Europe: Visit the Future of Work Village, 11-13 September in Cologne, Germany

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How Corporate Architecture Can Save A Company’s Culture

If new office worlds and coworking spaces are more than beautiful surfaces, then it takes depth: new furnishing concepts must reflect company culture and corporate DNA – with wrong furnishing concepts there is a threat of loss of corporate identity

What today’s workspaces need for success

Off-the-shelf solutions don’t cut it, according to the experts at Evolution Design. Instead, employers should create an environment where staff feel valued, supported and part of a community with shared values.

LinkedIn’s multicultural office concept: One story, four tales

An office design template with six communal areas that transfers LinkedIn’s values into four different countries and cultures

Get up, stand up! Sit-Stand Desks and the Fight Against Back Pain.

Back pain is the second most common cause of workplace absences due to ill health. Height-adjustable desks can encourage a more dynamic posture that strengthens back muscles, helping to avoid workplace health issues.

Work better, live better: New Workspaces at Otto

New worlds often reveal new perspectives. The idea that digital technology has permeated almost all aspects of our lives is a sobering, perhaps even intimidating thought. At first. But technology also has the potential to make our daily lives more efficient, pleasant and, perhaps, more human. Need proof? Join us for a stroll through the freshly remodeled workspace of the Business Intelligence unit at Otto.

The office of the future from the perspective of Generations X & Y

The office of the future? There is no such thing! Neither career starters or young professionals from Generation Y nor experienced professionals/office personnel from Generation X have a concrete vision of how the office of the future will look.

New Ways of Working: AXA Begins Company-Wide Office Remodeling Program

One of Europe’s leading insurers is working to reconfigure old work routines while utilizing open-plan designs and creative spaces to nurture innovative ideas and speed up decision-making processes.

Open Plan Office Design: The Five Deadly Sins

Although more and more businesses are switching to open plan office spaces, not all employees are thrilled at the prospect.

Offices Should Be Flooded With Beauty

Not so long ago, the sight of someone conducting meetings on a laptop (while wearing shorts!), conferencing with colleagues abroad while lounging on a sofa provided for that express purpose would have been unthinkable.

A Place to Feel at Ease: Seven Trends in Modern Office Design

The world of work is undergoing intense and rapid change, with globalization, digitalization and knowledge transfer all constantly accelerating. Yet also changing are the expectations employees and business leaders alike have of their workspaces.

Kick it like Google

No one expects their place of work to be like an adventure playground. But managers have recognized the need to offer staff more than an ergonomic desk and decent coffee.

Flower Power

Why we should surround ourselves with lemon balm and a hunter’s robe.

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The ideal office incorporates eight zones

Each is tailored to a different aspect of the work environment.