Dynamic Yield, Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, Israel
Year of completion:
2,400 m²
Roy David Architecture (Interior Design)

The industrial design style office.

The 2400 square-meter office is located on two floors of the Fiverr Building in the heart of Tel Aviv, an area rich with historical Bauhaus buildings and modern skyscrapers. Roy David Architecture, together with Setter Architects, was tasked with creating a space suitable for the high-tech company focused on advertisement optimization, that reflected its innovative and unique approach to the industry.

The offices were perceived by the client as an intermediate space, something to meet the needs of the company during a time of growth and expansion before moving to the next phase of their development as a company. To meet the challenges of working with modest budget produces, the design team relied on inspiration from the company culture and a creativity with materials to create a space that met all the needs of the client.

An emphasis was placed on retaining the company’s start-up style roots and breaking the mold of the traditional office space. To achieve this goal, a layout comprised of open space work stations was developed to avoid feelings of hierarchy and maintain a culture of openness and collaboration throughout. To further encourage a culture of equality and teamwork, collaborative work surfaces and informal work spaces or “hangouts” were integrated into the layout and design.

An industrial design style was utilized to highlight the original materiality of the building as well as the surrounding urban culture. The style in-turn, allowed designers to lend focus to other elements such as the company’s brand colors and custom carpentry pieces like, custom designed free-standing privacy booths, space dividing partitions, that, together with artwork from local painters and graffiti artists, ultimately gave an identity to the space completely unique Dynamic Yield.