OTTO, Collabor8, Hamburg


Hamburg, Germany
Otto GmbH & Co KG
Fashion & Beauty
Year of completion:
1,700 m²
PLY atelier GmbH (Interior Design)

New Work Concept fostering Creativity and Communication.

As part of Otto Group’s Kulturwandel 4.0 programme, a former 1,700 square metre storage facility on the 8th floor was converted into a co-working space featuring different zones for different types of use. Since January 2017, both internal and external workers and partners have been using the space for open and creative work. With Collabor8, PLY Atelier has developed a ‘new work’ concept that meets the most varied demands and supports mobile working as well as creativity, communication and exchange among staff – whether it's a team, an individual or a spontaneously formed group, whether it’s quiet and focused work or exchanges around a table, in small flexible work units, in the coffee lounge or in the library.


Forming the heart of the space, an arena that can accommodate more than 100 people is used for presentations, talks or panel discussions. PLY also developed special tables that can be combined into various units to form what’s known as ‘Flex Space’. Sixteen mobile workstations can be arranged into units of 2, 4, 6 or 8 to support a high level of flexibility and to facilitate teamwork.