Pure11, Grünwald


Grünwald, Germany
Year of completion:
Innovation Space

pure11 GmbH is a trading and consulting company in Grünwald near Munich for cleanroom products. In September 2020, the company moved into a new building on the Bavaria Film site: the desire for a more modern work environment and offices that are more spacious motivated the move.

S + W accompanied pure11 intensively in its office project: The new office world was advised, planned and implemented by S + W. In a partnership-based exchange, a modern, activity-based multi-space office was created. The area offers space for team, project and individual work, informal meeting places as well as areas of retreat.

The heart of the new office is certainly the kitchen: A long table at its centre invites employees to come together, exchange ideas and linger. Special eye-catchers are the ring-shaped luminaires, which illuminate the entire office space. On the floor, colourful carpets take up this circular form and mark further communication areas. Employees can choose their workstation depending on their activity: In addition to their personal workplace, the multi-space office offers project workstations, as well as telephone boxes for single and double use for undisturbed discussions and telephone conferences. Meetings can take place in several conference rooms. These rooms are separated from the open space by partition wall systems. Moreover, if the colleagues want a break, they can retreat into a recreation room.


The feedback is excellent! The new office was very well received from the first moment, although we switched from small two-person offices to the open space. In addition to your own workplace, where everyone can have their own private space, the other areas are used extremely well. We now have more space for new colleagues, with areas for encounters and exchanges, for concentration and for creative and respectful cooperation. That suits us very well, because pure11 is open to everyone ̶ Encounters and exchanges are what make up our everyday office life.  - Julian Kropp, managing director of pure11