The requirements for workspaces are changing and creative work in flexible locations is gaining in importance. Whiteboards are an important tool, but often heavy, inflexible and short-lived. The space3000 boards are so modular and lightweight that frequent room and floor changes are just as possible as outdoor creative sessions.

The WildBoard offers more than 3m² and weighs only 6 kg.

Designed with agile methods for agile methods: space3000 is the result of the Design Thinking consulting agency openmjnd. Dissatisfied with existing products, they developed their own solution together with customers and partners, which meets the requirements of modern and agile teamwork.

Started in Berlin in 2018, they focus on local production, fair conditions and co-creation with their customers. The space3000 boards are used in corporations, innovation agencies as well as in co-working spaces.

There is enough space for your creative ideas.