Alley Coworking, New York


New York, USA
Alley Coworking
Year of completion:

Gathering the most unlikely allies

Designing Coworking is not just creating a shared workspace, its about building community. Our design adapts to ever-changing workplace culture while being injected with Alley's own brand of community that continually evolves with its inhabitants. Alley’s workspaces are made possible through the many different work environments where every member, team, and company can find somewhere that suits their workflow.

Walking through Alley you will experience all these spaces blending together. While your team is under warm lighting in a comfy chair you just might find your collaborative endeavor is sharing a wall with a floating meeting room where another team is closing the big deal. Alley is about sharing the space to benefit everyone involved so that as you grow, so does the community. Even as your own company grows so can your office, as the modular design allows for interior partitions to be removed to combine adjacent rooms as you need them.

An internal steel staircase connects every floor so members easily flow between office, events, and amenities. Each of the three floors does have its own theme, permeating through every nook and cranny. From the barbershop restroom to the cabin fever phone booth, members engage in an array of unique experiences that are unlike that of any normal work environment. The overall aesthetic develops from the community's needs, where many themed spaces shake off the feeling of being at work to foster creativity. Even the interstitial space between the offices, meeting rooms and amenities promotes interaction with even the most unlikely of allies.


Interior Design: EDA - Echo Design

Photographer: Photos by EDA - Echo Design