GIPHY, New York


New York, USA
Year of completion:
1,156 m²
Architecture AF (Interior Design)

A rich work environment that reflects the unique brand of GIPHY

In addition to being the largest search engine and library of GIFs, GIPHY is an online platform that creates and produces digital content. With over 100 employees and contractors, the client desired a rich work environment reflective of their quirky brand throughout the 12,436 sf raw space that comprises their new office in the meat-packing district of Manhattan. The company’s three requests - open office space where all employees can work together, a restaurant-like kitchen (where the CEO could work), and flexible creative space - naturally organized the circuitous footprint into three zones that are lovingly called GIPHY park, GIPHY cafe, and GIPHY basement.

GIPHY park is the heart of the office, where workstations are packed tightly but energetically together and employees work as one big family. The densely packed workstations are the arranged around a central void delineated by a large overhead light box. The emptiness of the central space is paramount; it becomes a stage-cum-runway for company meetings, celebrity performances, or any other random happenstance that quickly becomes an employee’s gif. The drama of the space is enhanced by a frenzy of dynamic lighting, walls of displays, green-screens, and conference rooms clad in dichroic glass.

A full-service, coffee bar and lounge filled with GIPHY user’s art act as a reception for guests and a breakout space for employees. As you progress further into the office, the spaces become increasingly intimate. The large dining hall fits the entire office for group and team lunches. Further back, GIPHY basement functions as a flexible creative space and gaming areas for employees to unwind. An exuberant, colorful material palette captures the company’s bold aesthetic, including dichroic glass, commissioned artwork, colorful conference rooms, and custom neon fixtures.