Rituals, Amsterdam


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fashion & Beauty
Year of completion:
1,654 m²
M+R interior architecture (Interior Design)

An ambience of wood and harmony.

Founded in 2000 in Amsterdam, Rituals is growing worldwide with its range of wellness and lifestyle. The brand combines luxurious cosmetics, clothing and accessories. Shops, spas and shop-in-shops show the natural charm of natural products. They are celebrated in an atmosphere of wood and harmony.

M+R interior architecture advised and designed a whole new innovative office concept for the head office of the cosmetic enterprise Rituals in Amsterdam.

The office is located in three old combined Cannel Houses located at the famous Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. In close cooperation with the styling department of Rituals, M+R created a new phase of the corporate identity of Rituals by using wood and stone elements. The new head office of Rituals is located on two floors, for a better connection M+R designed and integrated an organic staircase of metal, steel and glass.

The whole concept and variation of working places are designed by M+R: the long working tables are divided with movable wooden structures which also provide acoustic noise reduction.

The founder and CEO of Rituals Raymond Cloosterman contacted M+R as designing company while he was impressed by the Privium ClubLounge upon Schiphol, a project that is designed by Hans Maréchal (owner of M+R interior architecture).


Design and work area concepts: M+R interior architecture

Styling: Rituals Store Design, M+R interior architecture

Architects: Oever & Zaaijer architecten, namens eigenaar

Real estate agent on behalf of Rituals: CBRE