Skybox, Los Angeles


Los Angeles, USA
HR&A Advisors, Inc.
Real Estate
Year of completion:
233 m²

An office presenting an impressive view

Skybox is a workplace for the Los Angeles offices of a leading consulting firm specializing in economic, real estate and urban planning. With offices in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C., the company approached the interior designers regarding their upcoming relocation within a high-rise in downtown Los Angeles.

Strategic planning is central to the firm’s work, in particular “...the reinvention of cities into vibrant urban centers...”. The physical space was a relatively compact 233 square meters on the 29th floor of a high-rise complex (The Bloc) commanding dramatic views north and westward of the city. Open work culture, California, urban planning were then merged into a single design operation.

The interior designers proposed a specific combination of positive and negative pairs of spaces, servicing each other based on rules. There are no fully enclosed offices; only open or “semi-private” individual workplaces. All other uses are services by enclosed pods. Collaboration and conferencing needs are met by two conference areas, large and small. Acoustic privacy by a ‘phone booth’. An unprogrammed lounge and open break area is placed in the corner, at the intersection of all
views. The firm is therefore, free to use any spatial combination it sees fit.