Convey content with wall design

Big Pictury: explanatory images for your office design.

Design plays an important role in the conception of new working environments. The working environment should not simply be beautiful, because it can do so much more: inspire, promote creativity, support communication. In this respect, the design of office walls should not be underestimated, as they make up a large part of the overall look in the office.

With Big Pictury images, you have the possibility to not only make walls look eye-catching, but at the same time to convey important content or give an overview of a topic. The large-format images can be hung up as prints, or applied directly to the wall to blend smoothly into the room design. Special formats are also possible, so that specific wall shapes or recesses can be taken into account.

Big Pictury regularly develops new templates for specific topics. You choose the right template for you or your customer and template is then filled with the company-specific content and adapted to the corporate design. The finished image can then be installed quickly and easily. In addition to the large-format print version, there are also other modules that can be used to accompany it. For example, as a clickable version or self-explanatory film animation for the Intranet.

The images can also be used in different places with different content. In the cafeteria, for example, a Big Picture provides an overview of the company's various health measures. In the entrance area, a Big Picture shows which sustainability initiatives are planned. In the workshop room, a Big Picture presents the company's various persona and target groups, so that the customer and his or her needs always remain in focus when working.

In the following, we will present you with initial topic templates that can be filled with your content and adapted to your corporate design. New templates will be published regularly on the website. It's well worth registering for the newsletter, or following the social media channels: in addition to the new templates, we also show Best Of pictures there. In other words, a Big Picture that summarises the most popular and most implemented measures and can thus be a source of inspiration for your own work.

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Future of Work

The world of work is undergoing a massive upheaval, which is being accelerated by the pandemic. Almost every company today has to deal with the question of how the office and work will continue in future, and this also concerns the staff.

Changes require increased communication. The Future of Work Big Picture can be used to communicate the current status on these issues and provide answers to questions.

Work more healthily

Corona has placed an even greater emphasis on the subject of health in companies. With the Big Picture "Work more healthily" you can show staff what the company is doing to actively promote health. Not only do the staff get an overview of all that is on offer, but are also motivated to make use of it and to consider what else they can do themselves. After all, health benefits the company and, above all, each individual personally.

Small Steps, Great Effect

The effects of climate change are becoming more and more noticeable and the pressure to act is growing - also in companies. This is because staff want the company they work for to bear social responsibility.

With the Big Picture "Small Steps, Great Effect", the measures can be summarised at a glance. This enables the viewers to learn about everything which needs to be done and inspires them to get involved themselves.

With the right learning formats to success

Various factors play a role in continuous further development. The right range of different formats, media and framework conditions in a company should support employees on their personal learning journey. Because a further development of the employees also develops the entire company. The Big Picture provides a quick overview so that the learners get to know what is on offer and can plan and follow their learning path. Visualization also plays an important role in learning, so why not use a visualization to communicate the content?