The fold up office for business trips and all office nomads

Agility and adaptability: these characteristics have always set us apart as a species and led to our success. However, ever since the Covid crisis it has become clear how increasingly rigid and inflexible we have become in many areas of life. In the working world of all places, these virtues should be the order of the day. Instead, at the moment everything seems to revolve around the choice between "office vs. home office". It’s enough to make you want to pack up all your things and make off into the distance. But hold on a minute, why not do exactly that? It's about time we took a look around us and start to make work more flexible and give ourselves that competitive edge again.

The remote work concept has already been proven to have many advantages: working at a new location breaks the routine and promotes creativity. New environments inspire us and sharpen our focus on what is most important. However, remote work is not without its challenges, either: the new environment can sometimes be too tempting, with its abundance of new ideas and so many distractions, meaning work and private life are difficult to separate. When there is no office door, the concept of knocking off after a hard day’s work also often gets forgotten, especially when the laptop is always within reach. And a little privacy and protection from prying eyes wouldn't be bad either.

The fold up workspace as an innovative solution

With a shake of the wrist, the fold up workplace reveals numerous advantages and takes on several functions at once. The compact table-top attachment, with its anti-glare shield and screen, transforms any table into a shielded workplace in a flash.
You can go about your daily business undisturbed, be it outside on the patio or in the café. Even video conferences in bright sunshine are no problem. At the same time, it signals to any nosy neighbours at the next table that you are now in work mode and do not want to be disturbed.
Versatile in use

To recreate that perfect office feeling, the fold up workspace can even be filled with notes, or family photos. Commercially available clamp lights and laptop holders can also be easily attached to the fleece material. All in all, it’s an impressive all-round package that is only as big as a suit, and just as light to carry. But the best thing about it is: as soon as you're done with your work, you simply fold everything up again and enjoy your well-deserved evening off, no matter where you are.

The fold up workspace can be completely folded up in a few simple steps. 

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