Creating new spaces of thinking

Our top ten New Work books on workplace design and the “office” as a space for innovation

In a world that is spinning ever faster and challenging us with ever more complex projects, we need working models that can do more than just keep up. The solution is the idea of New Work. But those who want to understand and implement its principles and advantages, have to open their minds and ways of thinking - make them more flexible and agile. The question is: where to start? Well, we can already reveal this much: workplace design plays a decisive role in New Work, which is why we've put together a brief book synopsis here that is guaranteed to open up new thinking spaces for you.

The Elemental Workplace: The 12 elements for creating a fantastic workplace for everyone
The Elemental Workplace book is a guide to creating a fantastic workplace. Follow an easily accessible framework - no matter what area your business is in, what style is preferred or what budget is available. Engaging, accessible, sharp and funny, this book is essential for anyone involved or interested in workplace design. The book is more about the conception of the workplace than the pure design, so you should not expect an illustrated book.
The Other Office 3: Creative Workspace Design
The Other Office 3 focuses on international trends in creative workplace design. The book focuses on 100 groundbreaking design projects by designers from all over the world. The offices presented include advertising agencies, media companies and technology firms. The projects range from compact offices and design hubs to large working spaces.
New Workspace Playbook [only in German]
Implement new work concepts? Create the appropriate spaces for this? Adapting working environments to a changed mindset? The new book by Dark Horse Innovation - one of the most unusual innovation agencies in Germany - shows how it's done! The "New Workspace Playbook" - a workbook with an innovative design. It offers a unique and field-tested framework for designing the right working environment. Graphics and templates to fill out (in the book and for download) provide the opportunity to put your own hands on your own company. Companies of all sizes can use the book to accurately evaluate their work situation and design suitable spaces to optimise their work.
Innovationsräume: Raumkonzepte für agile Teams - Erfahrungen, Problemfelder und Erfolgsfaktoren [only in German]
The book is designed for managers and employees who are determined to foster creativity and create a collaborative environment that brings out the best in people. It contains both practical implementation tips and explanations of creative behaviour, templates and ideas. After all, the way companies design spaces helps or hinders them to be inspired by new ideas, or will stifle them. Especially when it comes to innovation, the need for the right room is understandable. But physical spaces are more than just great workplaces and an expression of a culture of innovation. They promote creativity, agile action and team performance.
Space for Creative Thinking: Design Principles for Work and Learning Environments
How can our working and learning environment positively influence us? Institutions of all kinds - companies, schools, research institutes - today strive to create spatial situations that support two of their most important competences: creativity and innovation. There are extensive studies on the design of spaces that promote creative thinking to the highest degree. This book explores at all levels what is needed to design and implement these "creative spaces". Concrete planning principles are illustrated by 20 outstanding project examples and numerous interviews with experts. An indispensable standard work for all architects, designers and planners of modern working and learning worlds.
Workscape: New Spaces for New Work
Clever and sometimes even breathtaking, new spaces encourage new forms of work, creativity and collaboration. The way we work is undergoing fundamental changes. Globalisation and digitalisation on the one hand, and the evolution of corporate cultures, methods of collaboration, work processes and hierarchical structures on the other, open up a range of new opportunities for employers and employees. However, these promising opportunities present significant challenges for the architecture of our workplaces and for those who want to take advantage of them. Workscape shows how the architecture of our working environment is changing to keep pace with new developments.
New Work Hacks [only in German]
In this practical book you will find out in a well-founded and practical way what the various focal points of New Work are and what potential this concept can develop in the real world of work. The authors give impulses on how innovative recruiting and personnel marketing can look like in view of the rapid changes in the field of human resources (HR). The main topics: Learning in the organisation • People in the new world of work • Agile feedback systems of tomorrow • Agile Leadership • New-Work-Spaces • Health culture of tomorrow • User-centred personnel marketing • Art as a new form in the company • Tomorrow's remuneration
My Bedroom Is an Office: & Other Interior Design Dilemmas
Interior designer and expert Joanna Thornhill will guide you through a range of design dilemmas, from small changes to larger projects. This book offers inspiring and practical advice for homeowners and tenants and helps to create a home you can be proud of, even if your office is at the end of your bed.