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3 recommendations from Office Inspiration & Nowy Styl

Our working style has changed in recent years - and worldwide. The transformation from classic offices to spaces for collaboration, workshops and meetings has been accelerated enormously as a result, offering employees new tools that have a positive impact on their flexibility, creativity and goal orientation. The Offa furniture system is just such a tool.

The furniture line, consisting of numerous, diverse modules, makes it possible to create flexible and agile workspaces. All elements are mobile, so the office can be easily adapted to meet the needs of collaborative teams. Multifunctional and mobile sideboards, storage systems and standing tables in combination with stools, side tables and whiteboards offer a comprehensive solution for a dynamically changing work environment.

Communication is the key to an agile and hybrid working environment! A highly flexible and dynamic working environment is the starting point for agile concepts. How is this reflected in the Offa line? The system is characterized by the following features:

• Mobile - can be easily rearranged as desired
• Multifunctional - offers a wide range of possible applications
• Complementary - allows the combination of more than a dozen modules
• Flexible - suitable for numerous tasks and activities
• Pragmatic - helps to focus on the task at hand in a goal-oriented way
• Simple and cubic - fits harmoniously into modern offices

Get your office flexible – with Offa. Discover the product line:


WithME - the perfect chair for agile workspaces

Our new work culture increasingly demands teamwork, mobility and the willingness to flexibly switch between topics, people and places. WithME, Design by Martin Ballendat, has internalized this trend and lets every user experience tangible comfort effortlessly and without major individual adjustments. It is the perfect solution for all areas where interactions play a central role.

The chair with a high IQ: WithME is fully ergonomic and technically advanced, without having a conventional mechanism under the seat.
The patented construction solution, which used a transverse element in the lower part that acts as a torsion spring, ensures a very comfortable range of motion. The operation of the chair and the resistance of the backrest respond to the body weight of each user and automatically adjust to it.

The sophisticated design convinced the jury of the German Innovation Award, which is organized by the German Design Council. WithME was awarded "Special Mention" in the Office Solutions category.

Furthermore, WithME was awarded the international architecture award "Best Workspaces 2023".

Discover WithME:

Reunion: The new reality in the office

How do you set up an office where employees enjoy working? How can the space be designed to support relationships between employees after a period of isolation? And how can spaces for collaborative and creative work be created in the office?
Answers to all these questions and many more are provided in the report "Reunion: The new reality in the office." In it, the office furniture expert presents a design approach for an office that focuses on teamwork. Reunion is an office that becomes the heart of the company - a place of interaction, meeting, exchange of ideas and information, creation and concentration.

Here you can download the report: