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Various factors are important when you search for a new space. Above all, the costs are decisive. We have developed the space calculator as a decision support, so that you get a quick overview of the cost situation. You can compare the total cost of a classic office with the cost of a co-office (own office in a coworking space or business center).


The overall cost analysis is very important in this comparison, as in the classic office at the beginning mainly the rental costs are considered. In the prices for co-offices, there are usually already extensive additional services and the use of various common areas included. In this so-called multi-space concept, the employee not only stay at the rented office workstation. Depending on the task, they also stay in the conference room, the telephone booth, the lounge or the open space area. Due to this concept, the actual space used per employee is difficult to quantify, and co-office operators stick with square feet of rented office space. Because these would not do justice to the actual area. In the calculator, therefore, the square meter number can be set in the classic rental space, but not the co-office provider. In here, the consideration after workplaces is relevant.

In the calculator we have preset various averages. You can just overwrite these with your own numbers. You can comfortably send the result of the calculation with the form. The exploration of savings potentials can also significantly improve the values themselves. With our extensive space portfolio, the knowledge about availabilities and discount potentials you do not only save time, you will also get the optimal offer.

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Klassisches Office
Co-Office / Serviced Space
Basis Info


Laufende Kosten

mietfreie Zeit verhandelbar
lange Mietverträge ab 3-5 Jahre
flexible Laufzeiten
zeitlicher + finanzieller Aufwand für Set-Up
direkt einziehen und starten
komplett individualisierbar
wenig Flexibiliät bei Veränderung der Mitarbeiterzahl
hohe Flexibilität

    Please note: The calculator is a decision support and should provide a rough overview of the cost situation when renting Office and Co-Office Space. The default values are experience and average values and may need to be adjusted individually. We assume no liability for the accuracy of the calculation results.