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Based in an old industrial complex in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district that formerly housed vinyl record producers active during the Roaring Twenties, our company offices inspire us in finding creative new ideas for modern interior design.

Following its founding in 1999 by two architects, Klaus and Claudia de Winder, the small company developed into an experienced team of architects and interior designers. Our designs are tailored to the needs of our clients, and developed through an intensive dialog process. We design large office spaces for new economy and media businesses, consultancies, project developers and law practices.

Our expertise covers renovation and conversion of old or new buildings, up to and including heritage-protected buildings. We offer services covering all stages of project realization, from consulting and workshops to design and planning all the way through to final realization and monitoring construction. Our work also incorporates furniture design that integrates fully with the physical space.

In our unique approach to architecture, we deploy visual accents by the careful, judicious use of color; we use only quality materials; we offer individualized lighting designs and solutions that integrate technology and acoustics. These are the calling cards of our company.

As consultants, de Winder develops efficient real estate marketing concepts, strategies for developing quarters or city areas as well as new architectural approaches to residential living.


German Brand Award 2019 for  Mozilla German Headquarter

German Design Award 2019 for Mozilla German Headquarter

German Design Award 2018 for Omnicom Media Group Germany Düsseldorf

German Design Award 2017 for Büro Bikini Berlin

ICONIC Award 2017 for Omnicom Media Group Germany

Nominee German Design Award 2017 für Konferenzetage Kurfürstendamm

German Design Award 2016 für Dierks und Bohle Berlin

ICONIC Award 2016 for Konferenzetage Kurfürstendamm

ICONIC Award 2015 for Büro Bikini Berlin

ICONIC Award 2014 for Musterkabinett Berlin

Contact Person
Klaus de Winder
Managing Partner