Gravis Headquarters

New work at Gravis headquarters – creating a place for innovation, teamwork and exchange


Berlin, Germany
Year of completion:
2,800 m²
Collaboration & Communication
Hybrid Work
Innovation Space
Post-Covid Office
Preussisch Portugal (Interior Design)

As a result of the Corona crisis the organisation of work in companies has changed fundamentally. New work concepts have also been implemented at our client Gravis for some time. Employees can spend two days a week working from home. In order to make working at the company’s offices more attractive, the head office in Berlin has been completely redesigned. In future, it will become a meeting hub – the focus will be on exchange, innovation and teamwork. For this purpose, Preussisch Portugal created additional meeting and creative areas, but also quiet zones and areas of retreat.

Due to the existing monument protections and fire protection requirements, the greatest possible changes had to be achieved with small, targeted interventions. The objective was to create a central meeting place on each floor. We expanded the small, already existing communal kitchen on the 1st floor into a large communal area for lunch breaks and team events. The unused corridor space now serves as a creative zone for small workshops and spontaneous meetings. Most of the conference rooms were relocated to another building.

2nd and 3rd floor: To create spacious areas for the tea kitchens, the office areas were optimised. This creates additional space for meeting and communication. In addition, phone booths on each floor offer the possibility of retreating for telephone calls. A contemporary and ergonomic furniture system with a brand-typical colour and material concept creates a uniform look in the numerous office spaces.

In a separate building, which was previously used as storage space, we have created three flexible conference rooms. The partition walls can be used optionally to create either three small meeting rooms or one large conference room for over 50 participants. New work concepts also place new demands on the equipment of the meeting areas: they should use the latest video technology and be optimised for hybrid team meetings. A fourth area is optimally suited for creative workshops thanks to a modular furniture system and large whiteboards.