Industrie- und Handelskammer, Potsdam


Potsdam, Germany
Industrie- und Handelskammer Potsdam
Public Service
Year of completion:
420 m²
BvdM Architects (Interior Design)

A foyer that invites to conncect.

New environment for work and communication in the IHK Potsdam. A space that formerly was predominated by a vis a vis of entry and exit, has been turned into a warm welcome area. Lounge, library and a bundle of cosy meetingrooms are grouped along a path, that has been designed by BvdM Architekten in analogy to a walk in the legendary Brandenburg forrests.

The strict symmetry as an expression of representation was changed into a world of networking and cross-linking – emphasizing the conducing role, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce plays for its members.

The building itself is committed to the style of „white modernism“, the white reception desk picks up this design idea, whilst the gigantic illuminated screen behind is designed to display altering brand images and serves as a starting point of the lively and colourful lounge area.

The monotoneous row of collums, that separated the access corridor from the usage areas has been limbered-up. Some collums were removed, others have been added, to provide a atmosherically permeable membrane and allow intuitive navigation across the former borders.

The prevailling motive oft the circle has been used playfully in floor and ceiling to provide clearings localising communication areas.