Reach Robotics, Bristol


Bristol, England
Reach Robotics
Year of completion:
479 m²
Interaction (Interior Design)

A place where robots and humans like to work.

Fast-growing technology company Reach Robotics, who are creating the future of gaming by fusing robotics, reality-bending technology and competitive play, wanted a workspace that would keep up with its rapid growth and help shape their working culture.

Interaction were therefore tasked with creating a space that would facilitate collaboration, creativity and flexibility, and one that would also be appealing to new recruits.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of how the Reach team wanted to function (and ensuring they were involved in the design) Interaction delivered a creative space that will serve to enhance the company’s growth and continued success.

A stand out aspect of the new workspace is the laboratory area. After analysing and questioning the initial requirements for this, the Interaction team utilised their workplace design experience to offer up solutions that had not previously been thought of. The result is a bespoke area that will effectively meet the company’s needs for research and design.

The Key Features:

• Workshops and labs that cater for the teams’ R & D needs.

• A modern testing room with sliding doors, which can be closed for filming or privacy.

• A breakout space that doubles up as a social area and one that facilitate game research and design.

• A showcase area for the Reach prototypes, including the popular MekaMon range.

• Drying and bike-racks for those cycling to work – which in turn will help to spark productivity and creative thinking.

The project is a good example how a modern space can shape working culture and help to future-proof a company (thanks to facilitating further innovation and making the space appealing to new recruits).