Choose your bonus

Find your space and choose your gift.

Why look for the new rental space, co-working space or workshop space at Office Inspiration?
Because it pays: On the one hand, we have put together the best and most beautiful spaces for you. On the other hand, you can expect an exclusive bonus, depending on the amount of the first order value.

Bonus for the lease of one co-working space for at least one month:

Monbento Bottle, 33cl, Moutarde

Monbento Bottle, 33cl, Litchi

Monbento Bottle, 33cl, Iceberg

Monbento Bottle, 50cl, Denim



Switch-Bracelet Working / Not-Working

Bonus for the lease of one co-working space for at least three months:


MB Steel Copper

MB Steel Black Onyx

Monbento Lunchbox Jungle

Monbento Lunchbox Denim

Monbento Lunchbox Pink

Monbento Lunchbox Senf

Monbento Lunchbox Black





849 Classic Caran d’Ache Office Inspiration Edition

Knirps X1 + Soft-Case

Office Inspiration Notebook Punk yellow, Din A5

Office Inspiration Notebook Punk lightblue, Din A5

It's as simple as that to get your bonus:

1. Choose a space from co-working, workshop or business center.
2. Fill in the contact form or send your request with desired space, preferred bonus and period to
3. You receive one or more offers from us or directly from the provider. Then you can arrange a viewing and choose the best space for you.
4. After booking we will send you your bonus or organize a transfer in the space.

Important notes: The bonus depends on the first order value. In many cases we get a commission for the brokerage and you the bonus. Your rental price does not change. The offer is only valid for new customers, so if before there was no contact to the provider or a broker and your data has not yet been forwarded by another broker to the provider.

You move into a co-working space or a free rental space with a complete team or your entire company with several people? Then you can choose a bonus for each employee as a welcome gift. Please contact us at