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Here’s a selection of excellent workspaces, some articles about coworking and a few tips about your next coworking space:

Why book a coworking or workshop space through Office Inspiration?
Coworking space or a classic office lease?
What exactly is coworking and what different flavors are there?
The benefits of coworking
These questions will help you to find the right coworking space
What makes a good workshop space?
Coworking for companies
Coworking for company founders
Coworking for freelancer
Coworking and health
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Why book a coworking or workshop space through Office Inspiration?

  1. Free of charge Our service is free. You don’t pay any more than you would booking directly. Guaranteed.
  2. More Book through us for appealing bonuses and offers. 
  3. Neutral We are 100% independent.
  4. Personal We advise you on an individual basis. And we can’t be bought: our opinion is not for sale.
  5. Choice We are proud of the huge variety of first-class coworking and workshop spaces we offer.
  6. Curated We don’t work with just anybody. We apply rigorous standards that make us a machete in the coworking jungle. Every single one of the space providers presented here are worth your consideration.
  7. High standards We place great value on excellent design, quality, service and functionality. All the spaces on our site fulfill exceptionally high standards.

Coworking space or a classic office lease?

Almost all companies in urban areas have the choice. But which solution is best for you? 

  • If you want flexibility built in because you simply don’t know yet how your company is going to develop; 
  • if you want to get started right away and haven’t got time to waste on setting up a Wi-Fi network, an office printer or your drinks order; 
  • if you want to be inspired by other creative, committed people

 then coworking spaces could be a better fit for you and your enterprise. 

Leasing office space might be a better solution if 

  • your company has reached a certain size; 
  • if you want to plan for the long term; 
  • if your location in the town or city isn’t all that important; 
  • or if your company needs a lot of peace and quiet — or makes a lot of noise that might be disturbing for others. 

Also, if you’re counterfeiting money or forging fine art, you might want to rent a private office.

The individuality of a classic office can also be implemented in the coworking space.

Most coworking spaces are designed as a multispace concept and have different zones depending on the task.

What exactly is coworking and what different flavors are there?

  • Coworking: If you need a workplace, a conference room or a whole office for your team on short notice, coworking space providers around the world have what you need. For many people, cooperation and networking with other coworkers add a lot of value. 
  • Business Center: Companies that prioritize privacy are often best served by the business center model. They provide access to complete, ready-to-use offices, often including secretarial services. These office spaces are often located in prime business districts.
  • Workshop Spaces: Here companies can rent space for one or several days for workshops, seminars, training and team-building events.
  • Shared Spaces: Here you’ll be sharing a room with several other people. These spaces often have a bit of a coffee house vibe going on. If you feel inspired being around other people, this is the ideal solution for you. Many providers let you book some additional privacy as needed in the form of a one-desk room.
  • Shared Office: This model is very popular with freelancers. Like a flat share, a shared office space means that one person is the ‘official’ tenant who then sublets individual rooms or desk space. This can be a good solution for freelancers who don’t want to grow their business and want to share a workspace with other people in the long-term.
  • Hybrid models: Some providers offer long-term office leases for larger businesses as well as individual desks by the hour or day. These companies can retain maximum privacy if needed, or profit from networking with startups and freelancers. 

5 reasons why coworking is the future

It’s already become one of the biggest trends in the world of work. But what are the biggest advantages?

1. Inspiration: It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or an established major player: connecting with other people fosters creativity, inspiration and your ability to innovate. 

2. Flexibility: If your business is expanding quickly, your coworking space can easily keep pace with you. Added new people? Just book some additional space. That’s it. But freelancers working alone also profit from flexible coworking concepts. They let you choose the environment that best suits your needs, from a quiet one-desk office to a seat in a bustling communal area. 

3. Atmosphere: Cafés too loud? Too much distraction at home? Coworking spaces are the perfect places for working in an energized, focused way. Many providers of coworking space have invested heavily in modern office design.

4. Networking: Environments where freelancers, start-ups and established companies come together share a culture of cooperation. And that benefits everyone. 

5. Services: From professional, fully automated coffee machines to video conferencing rooms: Coworking spaces feature the best facilities. Often, smaller benefits will be included in your rental fee.

Not every coworking concept fits in with your own business: We tailor your needs and help you to choose one.

Looking for a new coworking space? These questions will help you find the right one for you.

  • How flexible is this space? How long am I signing up for? What are my needs?
  • Can I add or reduce space later if I need to?
  • Does this space – and the people here – suit me and what I do? Will I feel happy working in this space?
  • What are the communal spaces like? How busy are they? Can I hold confidential meetings there?
  • Does this place represent me and fit to my personality?
  • What’s the infrastructure like? 
  • Can I or my team work here in a focused and productive way? What does my instinct tell me?
  • Is the coffee good?

What makes a good workshop space?

The point of renting workshop spaces is often to bring together a bunch of people in an atmosphere outside of your day-to-day office environment. Hosting a coaching session, seminar or team-building event? Depending on the situation, your team should be able to use this space to huddle attentively around flip charts, communicate effectively, work together creatively or just hang out as a group. Workshop spaces feature a multitude of different designs. Some are sober and minimalistic, with lots of light, while others use inspiring colors, wall motifs and furniture. Some use vivid colors to create an atmosphere that’s a bit like a kids’ birthday party for adults.

The Good Workshop Checklist

  • Excellent technical and IT facilities like Wi-Fi, printer etc.
  • Well lit, high-quality lighting
  • Flip chart
  • Beamer and projector screen
  • Whiteboard
  • Movable magnetic board
  • Kitchen/catering 
  • Moderator’s kit
  • Audio speakers for music playback

Companies value the flexibility and spirit of a coworking space.

Coworking for companies 

Over the last few years, Digital Labs has become a leader in business innovation. Eschewing traditional company structures, staff are free in how to tackle tasks such as accelerating a customer’s digital transformation. The agile approaches at the core of Digital Labs’ business make coworking an ideal solution; they provide flexibility and benefit from an interior design ethos that fosters communication. 

Modern facilities, urban location

Larger firms focused on innovation may also profit from the special work atmosphere that start-ups thrive on, enriching their work through contact with innovative young companies. Coworking spaces can also be an asset in the ongoing struggle to attract the best young talents thanks to their excellent facilities and urban locations. Today, these factors can be decisive for candidates selecting their next employer. 

Coworking for company founders

Online music service SoundCloud began over a decade ago in a coworking space, although at the time hardly anyone was calling it that. The founders of SoundCloud wrote their first few lines of code over a latte in the legendary St Oberholz space in Berlin’s Mitte area. It’s also where Sascha Lobo write his book, “We Call it Work”, now revered as a bible for digital Bohemians. 

Problem-free upsizing or downsizing

Since then, it’s almost standard practice for start-ups to lease coworking space to stay flexible. Depending on their success or how the current round of financing pans out, founders often have to quickly add more space – or get rid of it. In a coworking space, upsizing and downsizing can be realized without a lot of red tape. But teams can also be quickly reconfigured for new projects, reflecting agile New Work philosophies. Founders of new businesses often profit from the experiences of other entrepreneurs from across the hallway.

Focus on the essentials: Start-ups can start working directly in coworking and grow flexibly.

Better than in a café: networking and retreat opportunities for concentrated work.

Coworking for freelancers

If you’re sick of staring at your own four walls day in, day out, a coworking space may be just what the doctor ordered. In Germany, the number of freelancers has risen to over 5 million (it’s doubled since 1999). 

Many will be familiar with that feeling of gloom at the thought of working alone at home every day for months on end, which can be a melancholy experience. And working at home can also mean plenty of distractions that can negatively impact productivity. 

Sure, you can spend a day or two at a café using their Wi-Fi. But there’s often background music that hampers concentration. And if you’re in a café for hours on end without ordering anything, let’s just say you won’t exactly be popular with staff. 

Two hours, days, months

Coworking spaces are completely different. Freelancers can book a workspace for two hours, a day or for the long-term. Everyone can choose how much quiet they need. Grab your laptop and head into a crowd of digital nomads in one of the communal workspaces, or seek refuge in an enclosed space for a confidential call with a client. You might even land a lucrative new commission via a fellow freelancer while you’re both grabbing a coffee… 

Coworking and Health

Work environments can make people happy – or it can make them ill. A recent Stanford University study showed that the workplace is the fifth most common cause of death in the USA – that’s even higher than Alzheimer’s or kidney failure. (And that study didn’t even include additional stressors like workplace bullying). 

Working alone can make you ill.

Research by the World Economic Forum includes similarly strong warnings and establishes a direct link between mental illness and workplace environments. The study’s authors estimate that worldwide 300 million people suffer from depression (the single most common illness affecting humans), while 260 million people experience anxiety disorders. Stress and loneliness in the office or when working from home are among the most important factors here. 

Now, we know this might sound a bit pretentious, but we’re convinced that coworking has a positive impact on global mental health because it lets you decide for yourself how closely involved you want to be in the process at hand, determine for yourself the depth of your focus.

How will we be working 15 years from now? 

Say goodbye to the traditional office. A recent forecast published by the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) says it all: the fourth industrial revolution is now in top gear, gathering unstoppable momentum.


The number of people working in coworking spaces, GCUC states, has gone up twenty-fold between 2012 (81,000) and 2018 (1.7 million). But that’s only the beginning, the organization says. By 2020, more than half of the world’s population will be self-employed, further accelerating demand for workspace alternatives. GCUC’s analysis indicates that the real estate industry will focus ever more strongly on coworking. That will lead to a more diverse range of workspaces, with bigger market players dividing up the regional markets amongst themselves. Public spaces like airports, hotel lobbies or shopping malls will become more and more like coworking spaces.

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