GREEN PLANET in the Business Campus HUB

New Work meets Sustainability


Unterschleißheim bei München, Germany
Business Campus Management GmbH
Real Estate
Year of completion:
780 m²
Activity Based Working
Biophilic Design
Collaboration & Communication
Health & Wellbeing
Innovation Space
office4you GmbH (Consulting & Planning/Interior Design/Lighting Design/Retail/Visualization/Workplace Design)

Business Campus Management GmbH is part of the DV Immobilien Group and is responsible for the development, letting and management of high-quality commercial locations.

office4you’s task was to authentically represent both the themes of “New Work” and “Green Office” in equal measures throughout the whole space.

Our idea was as follows:  to create a revolutionary space in the Business Campus HUB Munich: Unterschleißheim – a space that not only pushes the boundaries of the traditional office environment, but also makes a clear commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

The new Business Campus HUB is equipped with all the requisite infrastructure for agile and new ways of working. From quiet retreats and flexible team rooms to inspiring workshop and event spaces, the HUB offers a wide range of opportunities to promote agility, creativity, networking and well-being – and all against an environmentally friendly backdrop.

office4you’s design concept reflects the diversity of the earth’s ecosystems, from the vast majesty of the desert to the dense jungle and icy tundra. However, the concept goes beyond purely aesthetic design and invites you to take a closer look at what sustainability in the office really means and how it can be put into practice.


As our client highlighted: “The Business Campus HUB was built with the aim of leaving a small, green footprint in the new world of work. Our aim was to achieve everything from energy generation to the reduction of CO² emissions by installing environmentally friendly technologies and using sustainable materials. In the HUB, our tenants and prospective tenants can now experience the working environment of the future live!”

The HUB is more than just an office space. It is a place for inspiration where people meet, exchange ideas and work together on a sustainable future. With its welcoming atmosphere and clear commitment to environmental protection, the Business Campus HUB sets a new standard for modern working environments and invites you to explore and experience the potential of a sustainable office world.