HIC Freiham – Würth Elektronik

Design, innovation & emotion


München / Freiham, Germany
Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG
Research & Development
Year of completion:
10,770 m²
Activity Based Working
Fokus & Konzentration
Health & Wellbeing
Hybrid Work
Wall Art
office4you GmbH (Consulting & Planning/Interior Design/Lighting Design/Retail/Visualization/Workplace Design)

Würth Elektronik. Who are they?

Würth Elektronik is a global leader in electronic components such as printed circuit boards, electromechanical components and intelligent control systems. As part of the family-run Würth Group, the world market leader in high-quality fastening and assembly technology, Würth Elektronik has 8,200 employees and 23 production production sites and is one of the most successful companies within the group.

The corporate culture is based on partnership, cooperation and a strong team spirit.

The contract is awarded to…

The new High-Tech Innovation Centre (HIC) in Munich Freiham was designed by the architecture firm LRO. The contract for the complete project support including consulting, planning and final interior design was awarded to office4you Büroeinrichtungen GmbH.

The focus is on people

It was clear from the outset that HIC Freiham would be more than just a building. The vision was to create a working environment where staff of all generations would feel inspired and at ease. Despite the growing importance of working from home, the office should become a place where people like to be to exchange ideas and live “New Work”.

Innovative colour and design concept

With its red staircase in the foyer, LRO architects have created a key feature and a kind of landmark with character. A powerful sculpture that characterises the interior and at the same time can be seen from miles around from the outside.

office4you has also incorporated the corporate colour red into the colour concept of the interior design and the classic red is thus given a central role in HIC. The combination of red with shades of grey and beige, as well as natural materials such as wood and concrete, create a harmonious atmosphere that combines light, energy and tranquility.

The design concept also boasts impressive features: lovingly selected furniture and custom-made products (including suspended plant grids, wooden platforms as grandstand seating, sofa niches, distinctive trestle tables, wall coverings, moss pictures and much more) create a pleasant and productive working atmosphere, while original wallpaper and carpets make for a truly aesthetic experience.

Highlights and variety

In this way, office4you has created an impressive variety of workspaces and  furnishing styles that follow the principles of “activity based working”. Be it classic work tables, creative open-space areas or cosy retreats – every member of staff can find the perfect place to carry out their tasks effectively and feel at ease.

The company restaurant, known as BaWEria, was a matter close to the heart. It should represent more than just a place to serve food, but rather be an informal meeting place to socialise, chat and interact as well as an attractive event area with additional outdoor space. Incidentally, the name – like so many things – came about through teamwork and is a combination of Bavaria and the abbreviation WE for Würth Elektronik.

Vision, innovation and teamwork

The realisation of HIC Freiham was a joint project which saw the office4you team working closely with Würth Elektronik. In order to understand the corporate culture and the needs of the employees, detailed analyses and employee surveys were carried out. Virtual reality room tours provided a wow effect and made it possible to experience the vision of the new working environments even before they were implemented.

A place of inspiration

HIC Freiham goes to show that modern workspaces are more than just places where tasks are carried out. They are sources of inspiration, meeting places for ideas and spaces for collaboration.

Welcome to the working world of the future!