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Modern Workplace at Techniker Krankenkasse at a glance

“Modern Workplace” – Techniker health insurance put the changing world of work in the picture with a Big Picture

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The changing workplace: The office as a desirable space

In cooperation with the design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group, Brunner, Europe’s leading contract furniture manufacturer, launched the new platform “Brunner Future Works”. In the process, inspiring future spaces and surreal creative scenes were created.

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A real New Work Office: the new headquarters of New Work SE

With its sophisticated interplay of productivity and relaxation, NEW WORK Harbour delivers the architectural and intellectual blueprint for the office of the future.

Inspiration / New Work
Back to work – back to nature

How biophilic workplaces stimulate the senses

Why Office Murals Are A Good Idea

From Lascaux to San Diego, companies like Dialogbild in Hamburg and Coastal Creative in California offer tailored decorative wall designs for businesses. It turns out they’re continuing a very old tradition.

Why the elemental workplace is not (only) about beautiful design

Beauty can be hazardous. In 1817, the French writer Stendhal experienced the symptoms of what we now know as the psychosomatic condition hyperkulturemia on a visit to the Italian city of Florence – as he later wrote “life was drained from me. I walked with the fear of falling”.

A Round-the-World Summer Tour of Earth’s Best-Designed Offices

Nothing says more about how much a company values its employees than how its offices are designed. Our whirlwind global tour takes you to twelve stunning offices, including visits to Tel Aviv, Milan, Bangkok, Sydney, Paris, L.A. and Wrocław.

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How Corporate Architecture Can Save A Company’s Culture

If new office worlds and coworking spaces are more than beautiful surfaces, then it takes depth: new furnishing concepts must reflect company culture and corporate DNA – with wrong furnishing concepts there is a threat of loss of corporate identity

LinkedIn’s multicultural office concept: One story, four tales

An office design template with six communal areas that transfers LinkedIn’s values into four different countries and cultures

New Ways of Working: AXA Begins Company-Wide Office Remodeling Program

One of Europe’s leading insurers is working to reconfigure old work routines while utilizing open-plan designs and creative spaces to nurture innovative ideas and speed up decision-making processes.

Kick it like Google

No one expects their place of work to be like an adventure playground. But managers have recognized the need to offer staff more than an ergonomic desk and decent coffee.

Flower Power

Why we should surround ourselves with lemon balm and a hunter’s robe.

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The ideal office incorporates eight zones

Each is tailored to a different aspect of the work environment.